I’m an experienced product entrepreneur with strong technical skills, having conceptualized, built and launched desktop, web and mobile apps for over 15 years; I’m able to think of, validate, code and ship an idea into a working product. A team player, I enjoy working together in teams, and am able to work individually.

Direct responsibilities often include identifying product requirements, working with stakeholders, managing development teams, speaking with customers, designing and implementing platform architecture, balancing business and technical needs during cost/benefit trade offs, providing continuous integration and deployment pipelines, encouraging unit testing and the building of development tools, triaging tasks, server administration, managing operational concerns for production environments, and a whole lot of coding.

I’m constantly researching how common services (such as SQL/no-SQL databases, cloud services, etc) work and operate in order to understand their pros, cons and quirks when considering their use in a product.

I’m comfortable with both Windows and Linux based servers, and have years of production experience with Azure and Amazon cloud platforms, including their range of database, storage, compute and other services.

Primarily working with C# .NET for the last 10+ years, my experience also extends to other languages including PHP, JavaScript, and C++. As a company co-founder, I’ve assisted with fundraising activities, legals, helped secure our initial customers, recruited team members and secured partnerships.