Omny Studio has been acquired by Triton Digital June 12, 2019

I’m proud to announce the acquisition of Omny Studio, an enterprise audio platform for radio and podcasters, to Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry.

Founded by Andrew Armstrong, Ed Hooper and Long Zheng in 2012, this journey would not have been possible without my co-founders, Sharon Taylor, and the support and hard work from our wonderful team over the years (both past and present), including advisors, investors, customers, lawyers, accountants, Australian government, partners, the Triton Digital team, and my friends and family, thank you.

February 2012 - 121cast

Our journey began early February 2012, calling our company and product 121cast (as in, one-to-one, personal radio cast), we set out to create a personalised radio show you could listen to on your daily commute.

First day in February 2012 working on 121cast at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne.
Co-founders Long Zheng, Ed Hooper and I in 2012

We began building our initial vision that would allow you to play the latest radio shows, mixed with updates personal to you (location based weather, Facebook feed updates, calendar reminders, etc) along with music.

121cast mobile prototype a few months in
121cast web prototype a few months in

We were fortunate enough to join the first batch of the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) as part of the University of Melbourne’s start-up accelerator.

July 2012 - SoundGecko

While developing 121cast personal radio, we realised it was important to include written articles as part of your personal radio show.

Launched in July 2012, in order to deliver this experience, we developed a side product that leveraged the same technology, and this was known as SoundGecko.

Working on some of our products at a company offsite
Rory McNeice, Fab Mackojc, Rob Skillington, Long Zheng, and Andrew Armstrong (left), and Fab and Rob (right).

We left Melbourne and flew to San Francisco to be part of the TechCrunch Startup Alley in 2012. We bought an inflatable Kangaroo and managed to get it on the main stage.

Long Zheng presenting SoundGecko at TechCrunch Disrupt: Startup Alley SF in 2012.

Coverage by the press during our launch accelerated our customer growth, assisted with fundraising, and managed to get us on the radar of Clive Dickens (VP of Product Development, Television and Content at Optus), who remains our trusted advisor and mentor, and helped recruit Larry Rosin (President of Edison Research), Sam Cavanagh (Head Of Production at Thinkerbell Pty Ltd), and Phil Critchlow (CEO & Founder at TBI Media) to form our advisory team.

The launch of the SoundGecko website

SoundGecko let you paste in a URL to a website article, and listen to it later via your e-mail or our mobile apps.

SoundGecko on mobile

As part of an investment round we were able to develop the SoundGecko product and 121cast’s radio product.

We have been supported by many people and companies over our journey, including YBF Ventures, Adventure Capital, Singtel Innov8, The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC), Southern Cross Austereo, Darcy Naunton, Stuart Richardson, Toby Potter, Chris Johnson, Darren Kerry, Guy Dobson, James Goodmon Jr, Richard Wetherell, Rohan Workman, Alfred Lo, Monica Tsai, Edgar Hardless, Dinesh George and our friends and family to name just a few.

October 2013 - Omny Radio

Omny Radio (formally 121cast), became your personalised radio station, and launched in October 2013 which allowed you to create your own radio station featuring your favorite radio shows, along with music and personal updates through a simple listening experience.

Omny Radio let you create a personalised radio show
Omny launch party, supported by my former employer David Harrison (left) from Mammoth Media and our team
Omny Radio mobile app experience
Omny Radio promotional video
Andrew Armstrong, Ed Hooper, Kiera McNeice, Jarrod Robbins, Madeleine Colvin, Rory McNeice, Long Zheng, Okeito Short
Sam Rosin, Matt Saraceni, Long Zheng, Jarrod Robbins, Madeleine Colvin, Andrew Armstrong, Jin Wang, Reuben Bond, Sumeet Ekbote, Michael Davidson
Long Zheng, Jin Wang, Matt Saraceni, Andrew Armstrong, Michael Davidson, Simon Whitehead, Ed Hooper, Jarrod Robbins and Madeleine Colvin at lunch ahead of the upcoming Omny Studio launch

March 2015 - Omny Studio

We recognized the importance of timely access to great content from our partners, and focused on making this easier.

In the few months of lead-up to Radiodays Europe in 2015, we designed and developed the very first version of Omny Studio in time for the conference.

The complete audio management solution for podcasters and radio stations

Upon arriving in Milan, Italy, we officially launched Omny Studio to the world and were excited by the reaction we received.

Ed Hooper, Long Zheng, Larry Rosin, Matt Saraceni, Phil Critchlow, Andrew Armstrong, early in the morning before the conference opens, Radiodays Europe 2015
Sam Kavanagh introducing Omny Studio on stage at Radiodays Europe 2015
Matt Saraceni (Head of Content) presenting Omny Studio at Radiodays Europe to the media
Omny Studio web portal
Dan & Maz from 2DayFM in Australia demoing for Radiodays
Ofer Zelig, Jarrod Robins, Michael Davidson, Andrew Armstrong, Sophie Kneebone, Matt Saraceni, Mitch Secrett, Long Zheng taking a photo after winning an iAward months after having launched Omny Studio

March 2016 - Radiodays Paris and Podcast Movement 2016

We returned to Radiodays Europe, Paris, the following year, and presented at Podcast Movement, to meet more customers, increase awareness of our product, and grow relationships within the industry.

Mitch Secrett (Business Development) presenting at Podcast Movement, Long, Ed & Mitch at Radiodays Europe, and Sophie Kneebone (Podcast Manager) presenting at Podcast Movement
Sophie provides an overview (and a personal guarantee!) on how the technical podcasting pieces all fit together

April 2016 - Onwards

As a team we continued to work hard to deliver a range of features and improvements for our customers, and are humbled to name many world leading radio stations and podcast networks as customers of Omny Studio today.

Australian start-up with customers reaching across Australia, United States, Europe, Asia and abroad.
Long Zheng (Head of Product), Sharon Taylor (CEO) and Andrew Armstrong (CTO) posing for an article.

2019 June - Acquisition by Triton Digital

Recently our CEO, Sharon Taylor, was featured in Wired magazine as part of an article on how the local startup ecosystem has been scaling abroad.

Australia’s startup ecosystem has been growing since we started our own journey, and I’m watching many of my friends and peers working just as hard, tackling challenges that reach beyond Australia (including Vumero, Kepler Analytics, The Clothes Loop, and a lot more).

David Warner, Andrew Armstrong, Sharon Taylor, Long Zheng, Matt Stafford, Michael Davidson, Mitch Secrett

We’re excited by the opportunity to continue innovating for our customers and look forward to the next phase of the journey ahead with Triton Digital.

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